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Privacy is the state of being free from public disturbance as it's a private information of a person. We, at Dream wheels, value our customers and provide surety to protect your privacy. And never disclose personal information against any untrusted third party for any marketing purposes without your consent. We safeguard your data with confidentiality and integrity. You may learn here described policy which shows how we get your information and where to use those with our services by maintaining your privacy.

Information collection:

Generally, when you are browsing the site you are anonymous to us.We gather required personal contact and identity information about you from various sources. Our goal of using and collecting your information like: name, email-ids and other is different for each transaction.

Where your information will be disclosed:

According to this, we may share your data for promotional activities and with our associated companies like: financial service providers, leasing and insurance companies, certified realtors, transaction service providers regarding payments, auto repair and data processing companies, and so on. All these disclosures even raise benefits to our customers by exploring more accessing rights, fluently operate our business services, to inform you about our new services, promotions, campaigns, etc. Besides this, we never share individual information to unofficial or unauthenticated third parties or sources. We reserve limitations and restrictions as per law, so they won't be able to access this information.

Some confidential search engines as a third party vendor, uses the cookie facility to serve advertisement on our sites.

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